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Toribash forum apple app
I have been using the forum lately, been trying to get new textures and things and I'm out a lot and I take my iPod with me and I've noticed that the only app that provides easy access to the forums cost money so I think there should be an easer way.
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Yea I use my iPod for toribash forums all the time but if it t
Really bothers you that it is difficult to use just pay the 2 price
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This must happen
A toribash mobile app that gives us easier access to the forums and marketing. maybe add in a friends list so you can msg your toribash friends.
Yup, tapatalk is the best solution, I think its free on iOS, but I had to buy it for android... don't regret it either, I'm using it right now ;o
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Tapatalk is free on android too. Tapatalk pro is not.
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Yes but it's not great, I hate it.

A simpler solution would be a mobile site.

Although I wouldn't rank this very high in a dev's to do list
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