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I've been sparring since almost Black Belt and started getting good results about now... CnC is always appreciated

I've got some old replays included

I'll be submitting replays as I make them
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Spar Handball with LucidSpore.rpl (895.8 KB, 20 views)
Spar with Leezn.rpl (811.0 KB, 22 views)
Spar with LucidSpore.rpl (782.0 KB, 29 views)
Spar with SJ.rpl (968.8 KB, 23 views)
Spar with Kouta360.rpl (538.4 KB, 15 views)
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Nice spars Juanixk your very good and can keep your moves fluid through out a spar 10/10. My favorite spar was either Spar with LucidSpore or Spar with SJ If you wanna see it. Your choice
Thanks carl, I also sparred today but lost connection in the middle of the spar
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Spar with SpecHammer.rpl (348.6 KB, 18 views)

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Nice spars brah, seems that you're getting better pretty fast :P. Deberiamos sparrear un dia de estos xd.
Jajajaja si, no como la otra vez haciendo "parkour". Esta vez un spar en serio

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I didn't like the opener that much, because I've seem you do it a lot :P
I did like the first kick very much, and the 2nd spin kick was nice as well.
You kept balance, and were constantly moving, so thats good too.
Shame you couldn't finish the spar :/
Thanks Lucid, I know, I use that opener a lot, but just because it gives you so many possibilities. I would like to have finished too, it was going nice

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2 parkour replays I did with a friend we didn't get to finish them but they are pretty nice.
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Parkour with Maro .rpl (352.5 KB, 17 views)
Parkour with Maro 2.rpl (256.0 KB, 11 views)
pig_extremerun.tbm (2.9 KB, 6 views)
parkour_parallel_maguu.tbm (6.6 KB, 7 views)

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