Unleash the beast: You do some nice kicks in this replay, but try and use a different launcher.
The one you are using right now isn't very smooth and makes your leg look twitchy.

Spar with Charleston: I like this one, I really like the ending
But same thing with the bad launcher, also this time you have your next relaxed the
whole spar so it looks a bit weird imo
sorry for beeing so late BFH but that hellish ride of an upload the last 2 days just delayed that so much but now finally here is the replay
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BFH v12 0.4.rpl (1.11 MB, 10 views)
Ive been doing mas lately, so here are some replays.
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Mas practise 08.rpl (682.3 KB, 14 views)
Mas uppercut.rpl (152.6 KB, 11 views)
Mas practise 11.rpl (333.9 KB, 12 views)
Mas flying knee 2.0.rpl (199.0 KB, 13 views)
spar_lawz.tbm (6.8 KB, 4 views)
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