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Birthday gifts
There should be an automatic system that sends people 10k or so on their birthday if not tc then a couple of items.

Sure you might think it'll be exploitable. But if there is a way to lock said items or tc to a specific account then it won't be transferable from alt accounts to main ones.

Also make it so that you can't change your birthdate after you set it when you register to the site.

Instead of TC or Items make it Shiai tokens

Better Idea by Solax

Originally Posted by Solax View Post
If this was ever done (we'd have to get a little system coded up for it first) I think a cool way to do it would be to have loyalty badges - which is a bit different from birthday gifts but still similar as an annual thing. I'm imagining them similar to the armbands that the gms wear but you'd get one each year that you are a member of the game. They'd be non transferable but they'd get more and more illustrious each year so that you have a neat way to indicate your seniority.
Whether you take to that or not really depends on what the underlying purpose of your suggestion is. If you want to effectively reward being around in the game for longer stretches of time then it's good. If you want that but are worried more about just obtaining economic assets then it probably doesn't appeal to you.

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nonnoo, if the shiai or tcs or anything like that, it won't be nice, and gonna be ez farm
like i can join 1st of june, and make my birthday 2nd of june, and make many accounts like that, so i get the shiai or whatever in just 1 day, and gonna be rich af, even if u made like only receivable after year of joining, still ppl will make many accs and they will use them too as the time passes so it doesn't be clear to staff, and then after a year they become rich af.

i support this idea only if it will give an item or something that won't be able to be traded or sold.

Yea having it done on a birthday basis obviously won't work. If it's anything it would have to be tied to join date.
I like solax's idea, but instead of each year you play you get a loyalty badge or something similar once you hit a belt for example 10thdan or master belt, thats alot of qi for one person to obtain so doing so with alts would be pointless so it would work out.
Closing thread. The original idea on this thread is really open to a lot of dumb posts. If Solax or Mahulk would like to recommend loyalty bands or something similar in a seperate thread, they may.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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