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A needed position not present
Hello staff,

2 weeks ago I reported an incident that has been happening to me frequently in-game;

And every time I reported it before, it got dealt with. This time it happened in the Arabic language; no staff member could help because none speaks the language.

I speak Arabic as a first language, and I have several Arabic friends in Toribash; so there are Arabic-speaking players in Toribash which in my opinion means we need Arabic-speaking staff members and translators for when something needs to be dealt with.

I have also once seen a person post in Arabic asking for someone to translate a thread main post for him because he only speaks Arabic.

I hope we get Arabic-speaking staff members soon.

I am more than willing to be in this position. I am very active in-game and on the forums. I would love to be considered an official translator or whatever is needed. I don't know where to apply so I combined my application with this complaint here. I also have some clan-mates and friends who are staff members if I need references.
Moved thread since I'm sure it can be more productive here than in the complaint section.
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Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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There should also be German Moderators, and Polish ones too.

Might as well just create a United Nations moderator group. To solve problems with nationality.
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It starts now.

maybe could be a sub division of help squad? Official translators, or whatever.

I dont see much of a problem with making this a position, translators are always welcome, since this forum gets bombarded by different languages anyway.
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I like the help squad idea.
Maybe there should be "trusted members"
Long time members without flaming, spamming or trolling history which are picked by high value members like admins and moderators.

Most importantly the trusted members should keep an eye on trolling ingame and translate reports.

help squad is already a thing, and thats not what it does
thats more like the description of smods
Well, staff asks for help from native speakers when it's needed but creating a list of decent users that speak different languages and have a lot of experience with forums/game wouldn't hurt. It could shorten the process a bit if users knew who to go to get a good translation of their issue instead of posting in broken english or in their own language and then wait for staff to find someone who speaks it to translate it.
Yes and BTW, because I speak English and Arabic fluently, I know that the rules and other similar things that are taken very seriously by staff members are being written in formal English, and often it is formal English to the point where staff members intend to make it very clear, but actually make it very difficult and unclear for people who don't speak very good English. So these people are left with no one to translate the rules and other things that are written in formal for them.

Formal language is not simple language, I see this often in rules and stuff. Formal language is mistaken with simple language. I think we need simple language in rules for the younger people and the people who dont speak English properly.

Also, this was a complaint in a part, so please let me see my 2 weeks old report being handled. I just don't want to see the guy getting away with it.
There needs to be either a list of reliable/trustworthy translators, whether they become staffed as "Official Translator" or just a thread where staff can see who they can go to for translation for specific languages.

For some minority languages, it may be difficult to find trustworthy translators though.
I do support this though, and it should be done.
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I support this but the only big problem of this is that the translator has the power to ban someone or keep them unbanned since they can lie about what they type, this would be hard to counter with minority languages. But we will have to see if this works, how trustworthy the translators will be.
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even shitty google translate can give you enough context from a post that you would know if a translator is lying anyway