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Where Is The Other Public Boxshu Server?!?!
Im upset because i came back from a 1 1/2 month break from this beautiful game just to find out that there is only one public boxshu server. Back in the good 'ol days, there were two because one was not enough for the amount of people wanting to play it. What you could say is "dude just be patient and wait your turn like everyone else", while that is certainly an option, it's not the option I want to take. If im looking to get down on some boxshu and i see that one room has 6 people and the other has 0, im gonna chill in the one with 0 before i even consider the one with 6. If i feel that i've been waiting by myself for too long, i will pop into the one with 6 and let them know that there isnt a wait to fight someone in the other server and i'd hop back into the empty one hoping someone is as impatient as me, 7/10 times i dont wait more than 15 seconds before having an opponent appear in front of me. Bring back the other server. PLEASE.