I have two unfinished spars. One because Dobby had to go, and one because the guy kept spamming stuff like 'space', 'watch this' and 'I can this uhu' and then he just left.

The one with Dobby is my favourite that I've done because it was so fast paced and I kept some kind of movement up that I liked through the whole thing, it didn't have any pauses. Also it's not often I get to spar with somebody that good.
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wtf dobby is back

yeah it's my favorite one from you too, it has that explosiveness you were missing for so long.

my only nitpick is that you tend to be unsure about what you're going to do with your movement or extend really suddenly and it results in small twitches

still hot though
Ty hood

Yeah it's insanely difficult to move as fast as possible in mp while maintaining flow but I'm trying my best and I can feel the improvement

Ran into Dobby again, we finished the spar this time
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you are very own in your movement, I like the fluidity and your particular trip you have a sacred potential sir ! #Sorry for my bad English
[OFRO] /!\Spar/!\
Ayyy thanks

First parkour

This is different from what I normally do. Parkour seems interesting and I might do more of it.

It's called beatinzubin for reasons just ignore that part
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