seasoning that Chicken
as usual, cool movements
i like the opener
decent flow
nice boom
a bit slow
dms are not fun
no pose
Things you should do:
it's a cool replay, but a bit lacking relative to your earlier works, movement are enjoyable to watch IMO, but a bit stiff at the decap, maybe you could relax some unused joints, i like the transition to boom, i thought it's going to kill the flow but it doesn't, the whole replay is a bit slow for my taste but you did get really good speeds at the boom. Didn't like it that much, you could do better, 6.5/10
"Seasoning that chicken" (lol)

I still think your movement is weird, but I like the DM's. But you could've done more in dem last 100 frames.
really good stuff man

Pre jump:
I thought you were gonna use a generic opener from the first 50 frames but you changed it to a knee spin. During the knee spin, you should of kept the right hip contracted a bit more. Play around with your lumbar because seeing it constantly to the right looks unnatural. Also lets you rotate more and in turn gain more momentum.

Post jump:
I don't really like the way your arms were extended the whole way through the opener. I think you could of relaxed your right elbow at frame 350 without hindering momentum. However, I do love it when people raise and lower shoulders. Looks practical, is practical and adds to the replay. Would've loved an extra spin before the knee dismember, but it would've been hard to position post spin. The knee dismember was clean and looked powerful. Glad you managed to keep your speed after the DM. It's hard to do that unless you flat out ghost.

Post dismember:
Didn't really enjoy the contracted neck. I just don't like contracted necks at all because it looks forced. You can argue extended necks also look forced, but in my opinion, it's still better than a constant contracted neck. The decapitation was badly aimed. I think if you aimed a little higher, you may have been able to hit uke's neck as well as keep your momentum. In turn, the replay would've looked a lot different. In your defence, replay making won't always go your way and it looks like you won't be able to do the above.

Pre boomhit:
I feel you could've continued that helicopter movement in some way, shape or form. Would've looked excellent if you did. Regardless, I thought the replay would look better if you continued the rotation at frame 240 by contracting the pec instead of extending it. Would also give you the possibility of a bigger boom because kick forward is most of the time more powerful than kicking backwards as well as the fact that you would've continued the flow. Still, great boomhit.

Post boomhit:
No pose. Not a big problem considering your positioning post boomhit was almost impossible to pose with. Still had the momentum of the boomhit so it would've made hit harder.

General tips:
  • As a tip for posing: Try to completely stop your momentum. Make your final hit so big that it just cancels out all movement throughout your body.
  • Aim directly at joints to ensure your momentum is continued throughout the replay.
  • Keep it up man!

Ratings (take these like a grain of salt)

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im smoking weed out of a pussy filled with money i like this

other than the slow start i loved the opener
knee dm was nice and simple
the decap was good but it was a little stiff. also the transition a little
the boom doesn't look at all like it should've worked which makes it awesome
the flop was nice
8.3/10 gg
bobby with that tool:
Hella great manip
cool opener
best flow by you so far
crazy speed
underwhelming dm
split kick doesn't look great with all the momentum
Things you should do:
This is a crazy good replay duude, the opener is great, the setup is perfect, the flow is beautiful, the manip hits are also really good, the thing is, you could continue the manip for a good 70-100 frames before the kick, the kick isn't too good because 1. you could continue the manip longer before the dm. 2. because you zero'd out with a split while uke's upper body position is really good to lay waste on. 3. because it doesn't continue the flow, you spent the entire manip with cool spins and you dm-ed with a seemingly desperate reach for dm, at least make it look good or something. idk if this is still a wip or not but either way i think you should edit the dm, either continue the manip, get more dms or make the kick look better(maybe you could spin and stuff, also, grabbing wouldn't hurt), good manip, end it with a bang, 6/10 for now.