Joining VoC
Play like everyday
I needed a strong clan like this one
Dirtbke riding, outdoors
Inviting Monter, checking other app.
HappyBill, bad app, and low forum activity... nope, sorry.
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My application for VoC
My name is HappyBill, im 11 years old, and im Brown Belt. My favorite mod is SpinBag, and i play everyday for 2 hours, posting on the forum about every other day. I would like to join Vocation because i really need a clan, and i see that it is a strong clan. What i like to do is ride DirtBikes (actual things, not mountain bicycles), and be outside a lot.
Name: Joshua Seales
Age: 14
favorit Mod:Parkour_c.tbm
activity:I am on toribash every day unless i leave home if i dotn eave hoe i am on toribash
why i want tojoin (VoC): I want to join (VoC) because i here it is a really good working clan and that people are really nice and helpfull Also my riend is in the clan and he suggested this clan to me.
About me:I liek to play baseball and football.My favorit game is toribash i also like to go swimming and play toribash with my friends a lot .

Thank you and i hope you will put me in your clan
For HappyBill
I was afk, nope...

For Jseales1, sorry, youre blue belt and not active on forum, sorry, no from me.
No to borh for reason I don't need to explain
Formerly known as MrUnicorn
I sexually identify as an avacado
Name: Random209
Age: 12 (13 In November)
Belt: Brown
Favourite Mods: Judo. That's it.
Activity: Ingame almost everyday. On forums almost everyday. Quick edit: I don't go on forums and communicate. I mostly just scan the forums.
Why I want to join: I wish to be apart of a clan. (Never been)
About me: I am mostly a gamer however I own a dog so I do go outside a lot as well. I am not a very interesting person so therefore this is all I have.
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Hmm. You say you're in the forums every day however you have 3 posts. Also try more mods especially abd for wars and shit. If in 2 days you can get to atleast 20 posts without recieving infractions for useless posts and you start working on abd I will say yes but for now no. Also tell us more about yourself, I have afeeling you said you weren't intresting because you were too lazy to type
Formerly known as MrUnicorn
I sexually identify as an avacado
Name/nick: Finn/diggerfinn
Age: 11
Belt: black
Your favourite mods: judo ABD wushu and spinbag
Activity, forum and ingame: forum 7/10 ig 9/10
Why you want to be part of VoC: because its an amazing clan and i want to help it grow even bigger
Say something about yourself, hobby etc: Im a dutch gamer who likes to play GMOD or toribash and plays alot of soccer to!
Im going to middle school now and its really exciting, im going on the highest level so im gonna have to do a lot of homework!

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