Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
VolcanoX: Here you go I have three versions. Not to proud of this one so ill be happy to redo if you dont like any of them.

gamer: Here you go. I can redo if you like. Tri force is freehanded by me in paint by the way.

Sasori: Can you post your request again. I forgot it

Soop: Okay im on it

Crazy yak: Okay im on it
Hiya!Shrimpmiester! Can you redo this head, and if you do, 200TC tip coming your way!

Heres the head description:

All red, a black circle in middle front. In middle of circle, I would like a Toribashian relaxed kicking, or anything relaxed. On edges of circle, white eyes, or anything you can come up with. RelaxAll across back plz
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Back in the day when I played 8 hours a day (before 2.0) I had many dreams about rotating stuff. When I'm watching a match I just hold down left or right and:YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY, RIGHT ROUND!

Soop: Head is done. I like the way it turned out actually

Crazy yak: Here ya go

Milkshake: This ok? Ill make the avy slower if you want it.

VolcanoX: Ill tell you how when I pm it to you. But one question. Wich of the three do you whant?

Stickdude: Okoly Dokoly doo im on it.!
could you possibly make me a mario head with Jakeispro on it

Edit: actually scratch that do whatever you think would be cool with my name on it
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[QUOTE=Shrimp;197253]Soop: Head is done. I like the way it turned out actually


actually I was thinking one chainsaw like it was holding it like kinda up, but the name smaller, or that with name smaller and bigger bowl
I have quit. Goodbye all.
thats bro i appreciate it ....so how do i get it on :S
How many of you have met a yak who can play games....huh....yea thats what i thought too...

Stckdude: Here you go. Ill redo if you whant me to.

Crazy yak: Ill send over the head. And theres a thread on how to get it on.

Soop:K soops Ill give it another go.
Soopone! couldnt get the chainsaws to look right so I whent with soop and crossbones this any good?

*Sorry for double post*