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Invitation command,
As the title says. I wouldn't mind inviting someone to your server, or to a public server. This command should also include a command that allows you to hide their invitations if getting ''Trolled'' or spammed. I don't really know honestly, I'm just thinking of idea's that will help the community in such a way.
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Yeah something like /invite like /invite Rhaemondzzzkie hey man wanna hang out? And it will go to the player and say: (maybe add a motification box that'd be cool)
User tiebfifle wants you to join with the message: "hey man what's up?"
Also, yeah maybe a /invite ignore <troll user here>
Supported tho

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Would be cool if this was in toribash.. and maybe the answer would be /accept invitation or /decline invitation (reason) for declining and with an optional reason?? Maybe?
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I think i have been seen this suggestion many times so i think this will not come.
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well lozker, this suggestion lot of people posted it, but no one said anything about the "block invitation button" all said no because of the invitation spam, so i think it's better with that now, i would like have this command.

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That actually sounds pretty cool. I could just invite somebody without having to leave a server

I love the idea. Although you can just send a pm... but then again... Yeah It works but that could lead to f/kick during duels because one of your friends is an idiot and hates your organs :P. Altogether:

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I like this idea much easyer to invite than to go all the way to forums and ask your friend to join from there,

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