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[Mod] Wetland Sparring
I got this idea from sparring on giantlegs.tbm. I think it's a really fun concept, sparring on a small platform with great ways to get back up etc. You should all try it out sometime.
I'm not sure I got that special feeling into this mod, but I guess you have to try for yourself.
CnC is very welcome.

PS: Grabbing is really useful in mods like this, don't be afraid to use it.

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jisse_sparring_marsh.tbm (19.3 KB, 223 views)
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For god's sake mate

epic mod yet again
Gona post a replay later ;)
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You got tthe idea from giant legs?
pffffffffft ok. What ever you're smoking make sure you don't do it before driving.
Well, it looks like a good mod, I'll definitely be trying out some nifty tricks and stuff in it, but, gotta follow that "no putting your name in front of the mod" rule, bro.
looks great! i wish there was a way, though mods or scripts or something, to make water in TB, maybe make 100's of weightless spheres on the ground and watch your computer fall over. or make a cool script which does it.
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The trees could've been better by angling a cube with the corner poiting up.
Would be nice with more branches.
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This is just beautiful. Brilliant mod.
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Jisse, u make awesome maps.
This is also one of dem maps.
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