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Remember Ninjutsu?
Hey guys.
2handcIap here and as some of you know, I've been away for Toribash for a year and a half. When I left, it was just after my peak and i was thrilled to kill at mods like Akidobigdojo, Judo, and, of course, Ninjutsu. And I loved Ninjutsu! I was constantly found in the Tourney with iemagazine, rapmaster (AdelphiaF), and many other awesome dudes who I really enjoyed playing with. But on the other side of a peak there is only downfall, and mine was full of rage. My grades in school were awful and I knew Toribash was my negative side so I quit.
But I'm back... And I couldn't be more upset with the look of the tourneys, specifically because there's no Ninjutsu anymore. "Why", I ask? And they answer that it favors defensive styles. iemagazine says "and Rk-mma doesn't?" He's right, but that's up to the players to have respect for the game and develop morals. When one shovels it's legal. When one lifts it's. When one runs its legal. When one kicks a wrist and leads by 200 points it's legal and it's also legal when that person stays away from his or her opponent, hits c and spaces out for 300 frames. But those who do this often do it because they aren't good enough to do otherwise and give themselves out of their own personal handicap. Everyone else doesn't do it because we have morals. So the moral of this story (no pun intended) is that respect for Toribash is what makes Ninjutsu, or Rk-mma for that matter, a great mod.
And my idea/request: simply bring back the Ninjutsu Tourney. Many people love it and many others will be enticed by its lovely sound and its 500/750 tc after which they will find the love for it others have found in the past. So you won't have a lack of participants.
I also wish there was an Akidobigdojo tourney while the topic is on the table.
Peace out
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Hi 2HandClap,

To answer your question: it's been proven that Ninjutsu is a "broken" mod in that there's one operative strategy. It's been shown that the defender has far too distinct of an advantage in the mod.

I know what you might think now: "But, DrHax- I'm a great ninjutsu player. I know I could beat this strategy! jskjdkjaksjdjk" please, hear us out-

One strategy, defending, is simply too strong in that mod. TheGod (Culapou) proved this by going like 80-5 in the mod by just laying on his back and playing the mod like a turtle on his back. Other players recreated this and proved over again that whoever approaches loses almost ALWAYS.

This doesn't make the mod something you can't enjoy, it just means we won't be making it a public room, let alone a tournament.

Thanks for reading
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But that's the thing: if you like the mod and care less about winning and more about having fun then you play it right. Sure others can play the way they want but there are ways to beat them. The proof is in the 5 losses.
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But that's the thing: if you like the mod and care less about winning and more about having fun then you play it right. Sure others can play the way they want but there are ways to beat them. The proof is in the 5 losses.

A tourney mod shouldn't be unfair, pretty much end of discussion. You're free to play it in a private server.
There is a difference between a noob move everyone can do, and a broken mod where one player has the advantage.

I don't know if all lenshu mods have the same problem, but I'd love to see stabjutsu in there.

Also, any mod/ninja with spare time: feel free to move this thread here
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It has been proven a fact that judo almost takes no skill to win at. The question in Judo is

Who is the one gonna get unlucky and randomly lose a joint? Judo is unpredictable which makes it terrible.

Judo is unfair, Ninjutsu would be better since it would take skill,
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See?! The people have spoken, but this isn't a democracy; it's tyranny.

Now the question is if luck overrides skill which 9 times out of ten it does. So replace the judo tourney with ninjutsu!
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That's not logic at all.
Ninjutsu is literally broken because of the game breaking mechanic of turtling, whereas judo has random breaks. That means it's not imbalanced, more lucky.
in truth I would support judo more then ninjutsu. not only would it be luckier, but it would be fairer to the noobs that play as well. Ive gone against true yellow belts and lost easily because my shoulders have broken off randomly.
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
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