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Velocity-calculating point system
Hey guys, here's a pretty simple idea I came up with today:

We should implement a new option for earning points (which could be enabled/disabled like sumo in the gamerules tab) which would be based on the velocity of the two players.
Let me explain:
Both players are assigned a point/frame value which is based on their velocity related to the other player's position. If Player A is moving towards Player B, he is getting points. If Player B is moving away from Player A, he's losing points. Being stationary shouldn't net any points.

This would enable mods like Wushu to actually reward players for trying to be sportsman-like. The pace at which points are lost or gained should be configurable as well ([velocity towards other player]*x, where x could be set by the room operator).

What do you guys think?
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There should also be,no increase/decrease when the players are 100velocity near each other.So that they can actually fight without worrying about point increase/decrease.
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