Most porn websites uses FLV video.
Which is flash, which slows down yours pc.
but only for a time of viewing.
lol.. "linktopornwebsite" just watch and leave when your done, then before you sleep run a full virus scan on your pc at night. Although I never had problems with it xD
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Just don't download it. every time you visit a pornographic website, they will ABSOLUTELY 100% OF THE TIME give you tracking cookies. All this does is tell the site where you're accessing it from, and then creates advertisements focused on it. The cookies WILL slow down your computer by microscopic amounts simply by taking up space in your .temp folder. Running almost any security program's scan on your computer will detect them and clean them out. Plus, Windows has a nifty little program called DiskCleanup which will delete all Temporary Internet Files.

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You can watch porn all you want. just use a good virus scanner like many said above me. i suggest spybot search and destroy and symantec antivirus. the two combined are heavy on the computer. but is a deadly combo.

now to the real question, does it slow down you're computer?

not much. you will hardly notice it until you're temp files and you're cookies are starting to bulk it up. wich is why i always suggest to use inprivate (IExplorer) or private navigation (FireFox) wich mostly keeps it clean and filters that shiz out.

and if you want you can always PM me. got a few top notch sites for that.

Also, this is the message you get from private navigation (firefox) wich brings even more truth to my statement.

Firefox zal geen geschiedenis van deze sessie bijhouden.

In een privénavigatiesessie zal Firefox geen navigatiegeschiedenis, zoekgeschiedenis, downloadgeschiedenis, webformuliergeschiedenis, cookies of tijdelijke internetbestanden bewaren. Bestanden die u downloadt of bladwijzers die u aanmaakt zullen echter wel worden bewaard.

(rough translation please forgive me.)

Firefox wont save any history during this session.

In a private navigationsession firefox will not save: browser histry, search history, download history, webfile history, cookies or temporary internetfiles. files that you download or any tabs that you save will however be saved.

long story short.

use private navigation
get some good virus scanners (Computer safety first!)
get a good site
slap it against ur desk to wipe off.
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