Clan Void
Has anyone tried qcranekido (iirc)? It basically changes the legs to be boxes, due to the known collision detection and response issues associated with the crappy algorithms of ODE, associated with the cylinder/capsule shapes).

A bunch of the custom+ belts (Zrahurgh, Lujaks, Xbcz, Q12A/CChampeon, etc) have played it and approved.

And for something a bit more "wild", qcranesport.

It's like, semi-joust start, ultra hardcore, hyperspeed ninjutsu almost. It's incredibly difficult though, but you can do crazy stuff and I've not seen a mod that functions as well (as in, none of the teleporting garbage, and typical bugs common in some other mods, etc), considering how fast it is. Closest thing to like, stylized kungfu sort of stuff I've played in toribash.
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Please bring back Pendulumjumper! It was a very fun yet competitive mod with a lot of people playing it and I miss it