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[ale]some funny things*headbang*
been working on these... some are incomplete, please let me know how I could upgrade them... thankk!

Scrotal Pandæmonium lead by a Dæmonium

Cum Conumdrum of the Sanctum Præputium

Glorious Chorus of the Calloused Phallus

Heavenly Hæmorrhage of Cum Beverage

Sperm Synergy of the Pæderastic Liturgy

Cum Repentance of the Eternal Dick Dance

Cum Rebellion of the Penile Helion

Penile Ejection of the Sacred Oblation

Penile Resurrection of the Undead Erection

Spermophagic Tragedy of Penile Lactancy

Penile Elixir of the Corpus Christi

Nebulæ of Ejaculate

Semen Apotheosis

Canonical Ejaculation of Ges

Penile Pontifix through the Orifice

Semen Incongruency in the

Triadic Eruption of Cum Absoluto

Testicular Trinus of the Sancti

Erupting Ejaculate Elixir Christi

No Cumming Allowed on the Turin Shroud -description

Spermicidal Seed of the Apostolic Creed

Spermatozoon Doom from Sancto Gesù Tomb

Ejaculation Manœuvre and the Sancti Œvre

Ejaculation Fulmination Flagellation

Cum Denial by Repentance of

Cum Scripture and its Ambilævous Rupture

Cum Hæmorrhoid


Spermatozoan Lotion Krakatoan Eruption


Œedema Clamor

Tectonic Eudæmonic Spermatic Tonic

Spermatogonium Ambuscade



Repertoire of cum in the Grimoire

Cum Repertoire in the Grimoire Præmium

Præmium Grimoire of the Cum Repertoire

Testicular Debacle of the Third Kind

ejaculation refraction

Lachryphagy due to Semen Fantasy