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How do I post my head textures?
When i try to post my head textures out of gimp, they wont upload. I tryed the spinny heads and the regular flat ones the wont work. Is it becuase of the size? I even tried uploading it as a head texture for my tori, it wonk work.
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So, you can't upload the picture to Imageshack, Tinypic, Photobucket or anything the like?
Neither can you upload with the Manage Attachments thing in Toribash forums?
Plus, you can't upload your textures in the Textures page in Shop?

I didn't quite understand, so I'm making it clear...

And here's more questions (hopefully you like them):

What file format did you save all the flats and spinnies as?
What size did you use?
I can upload textures, but not this one. and i used 600x600 to make the texture on gimp. but when i go to resize it it just takes a part of it and not the whole thing? I tryied both, spinny and flats, they dont upload. I was going to try to sell it but i cant get it to upload. Plus when i create the spinny it doesnt spin, it just sits there in sphere form.
Texture sizes are in multiples of 2. As in 128, 256, 512.
Also, it sounds like you're changing the canvas size instead of scaling. As for not being able to upload, where are you trying to upload to?
im tryin gto upload it as a sphere on a thread so i can sell it. How can i rescale it?

I found out how to rescale it but it still wont upload. I rescaled it to 128x128. The spinny nor the flat wont upload. I have no clue why its doing this.=(

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Your image is probably too large for the forum. Upload to tinypic and paste the image link in that thread.
I dont want enybody to steal it!
And plus if someone buys it i wont be able to give it to them because it wont upload at all, not even for my head texture item!

I tryed to upload it to tinypic and that wont even work!

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