+2, down to play Secret Hitler, CAH and TB.

Also maybe uno? It's like 3€ for the Uplay version rn and you can play it online for free aswell if that's too much.
And Town of Salem - free and perfect for any group of people.
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quick google search will explain it, though i can also explain the game itself once we play it. its not hard at all.

I googled it and its very simple
Im down for TB and this card game
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Don't Starve Together is currently half off on Steam until the 22nd of June. Fun survival game and not too reliant on low ping. Relatively small file size. And buying one includes a copy to send to a friend.

Edit: Civ III is currently $1.24 on Humble
Civ V with all DLC is $12.49

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Curious about this because don't you live in the US? Being +5 puts you in the Middle Eastern part of the globe, almost at India.
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-6 Have a work schedule to work around, If I have to be not included due to work its fine.

well it probably would be on a weekend due to timezones.
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