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(maybe) nooby question but anyways..
Hey I see in some of the replays there are when you download toribash like the WallFlip thingys etc, and some of them have like AWESOME grip(if its called grip??) following their hands and legs etc, but anyways I don't see those things in the shop only like just a aqua and acid grip etc. how do they get those awesome grips? :SS

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Make lots of ToriCredits, find a good grip, and buy it. But really, I stick to no grips (really useless imo, the color option)

Yeah but the problem is that I can't find any good grips only the colors like aqua, acid, etc.
Specifically, texture trails. They cost 5k each in the shop. You then must upload a picture to use as the trails. PM anybody who is good at art (Alphasonik or LWafflez) if you need help.
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Like memo and Jimbobwe said, they're motion trails.

There are two types of trails, the color based ones and texture trails. The solid color trails include items like Aqua Trail, Acid Trail, etc... These are normally inexpensive compared to texture trails.

Texture trails are the same thing, but you upload an image that basically repeats itself to create the trail. NOTE that you don't just find someone that draws the trails and buy the image... You also need the Texture Trail Item to be able to upload it onto your character.
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