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Hello forum posters!
Hi, I am new to Toribash and I have been looking at of the forums and have read most of the rules. I hope I get Blackbelt soon. And the thing that's finds me so interested about these forums are the clans. So i
know all the rules to making a clan and hope I make one soon with A clan logo. So I hope that I will get along with alot of people...
Welcome! Enjoy your stay, and more importantly HAVE FUN! Maybe I'll see you in the game
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Hello! My name is calebgamb. Its good to meet you, and just a word of advice: Dont annoy veb. He WILL catch fire and kill you with his lazor. But anyway, just get along with everyone and you will enjoy your stay here. Anyway, good luck with your clan
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click user cp, scroll down to settings and options in the left corner. click edit avatar. upload.

welcome to toribash!
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Welcome to Toribash! Have fun!
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Among the nice people, there are always idiots.
Being positive is nice, but in situations like these being too positive is bad.

Anyways, welcome! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay.
Importantly, enjoy your stay!

Oh, I forgot, enjoy your stay!
Hey, I don't normally do this, but welcome! Enjoy your stay, as everyone else said. A first impression can make you have a bright future on this forum.
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