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My character
Hey,today i was browsing some mods and when i played one it turned me to female character,played quit go to multiplayer and what not,ive had female characters like on the mod,i reinstalled run but the problem was still there,if anybody could help i would appreciate it.
Was/Is your character female in every other mod too?
If not, was the mod called something like girlfight? ;)
Or somelse mod with "girl" in the name, u changed mod yet? lol
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Try going to Free Play change mod, if you don't have 3.9 I suggest you get it.

Also, someone may have had that same mod.

Try out an Official Server.
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That means your a Female in real life? xD....
Nah joking, try to reinstall Toribash or ask #Support
Click this link.
Ask your question there.
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Go into game options and untick "Remember Game Rules"
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