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Banning someone From your owned threads
Now I think It would be cool if you could ban people in your threads that you make.
Yes there is a report button but noone wants to use that
Obviouslyt you can't ban moderates etc
but if someone is spamming up lets
say your clan discussion you may ban them from your thread
Just a suggestion.
I think the only issue with this is users using it to block other peoples opinions or just blacklist people they dislike. Not supported though.
I think this could be good for Clan and Org threads/boards. Not sure about the rest of the forums though.
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Why not. If u don't want a certain fucktard to post on your could save a few pages of useless posts every now and then.
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If this was ever to be implemented, it should ONLY be for lmods.
That way it would be fairly simple to make this a reality. It would also be a useful tool for OFFICIAL* clan/org moderators. And while we're at it, upgrade it from only threads, but to entire boards(with the option of single board moderation)

*Why official? Well because they already have set moderators, and for the mos part they know wht they're doing. Outside of lmods, the standard person should not get this. vBulletin is simply not made in a way that would even allow this to be a reality for non-lmods, well, without a LOT of hacking of its code.
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Depends on the location of use. Obviously it would have different effects in market threads, clan discussions and elsewhere as aforementioned.
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