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[OSHI] How to contact OSHI members. Skype, Steam, and IRC!

Hello there, Ginkey here.
If you need to contact one of the members or staff of OSHI, but they aren't on the forums. We there are three ways to contact us.
Steam Group Eh won't happen
Skype Room

You might be thinking- well with steam it's the same as skype and the forum mixed together. You can do stuff that steam group does on the forums. Well we have a steam group so our members can see what other members of oshi like to play.

If you have steam or skype, post here telling us your username so we can add you to the steam group or skype chat room.

Thank you

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For example

Steam: Wintermute37
IRC: Wik
Skype: mrwikz
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back from the dead
Wik, couldn't find you on skype
you aren't registered in IRC
Added you to steam
Srsly? No one wants in on skype, irc, or steam ?
woah wait what?
awesome, they added anti-double posting
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It needs to be your username, on skype (top left), where it says SkypeTM then your username, that's what I need to add you.
Steam: N/A
IRC: MrTeapawt
Skype: ia_angus1

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