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Uke Free Shop
Well,some peoples normaly the newbies feel indecises for buy some items that dont appear in shop,or how it go when you move,so,you can customize easily you uke for see how will be you tori,its like buy free things for uke,it will be saved and can be reseted,I think is so cool,you will can customize textures for him,simple oppening the Uke's Shop
You're technically asking to make the torishop customization feature glitch something that works again, but on uke? I mean, the torishop already shows items and stuff and how the look on your character.
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let's bring minibash back!
It doesn't show items like Candy Cane because they're unavailable for purchase, it wouldn't make sense to display seasonal items the whole year. Game Torishop lacks some new items now but that's going to be changed with 5.0 which gets all shop data from server.

You can still put on custom items on Uke by modifying his item.dat file, there are plenty tutorials and 3rd party apps for that.