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Improved Queues (Better than Quick servers!)
Better Queues


They can get long and boring.
Many people are forced to wait in a long one in TB every day!

Quick servers only help this slightly.
They, too, can get full.
Queues can still get long on them.

However, queues can be improved!


Queues can become incredibly shorter with this simple change:

Every two players that happen to be on a server at a given time
will be sorted into a fight.

Don't understand yet? That's fine.
Here's a comparison to explain it:

With Current Queues:
(In this instance, X and Y are even numbers.)
X guys are on a server, and Y of them are fighting.
The other (X - Y) are awaiting their turns to fight, and probably getting bored.
They need action.

With Better Queues:
(X is an even number, Y is X divided by 2)
X guys are on a server, and all of them are fighting in separate battles.
There are Y battles taking place.

You might be asking:
What if there were an odd number of people on the server?

I'm getting to that.

With Better Queues:
( X is an odd number, and Y is {X - 1}/2 )
X people are on the server.
Y battles are taking place.
There is one guy who's not fighting, though.
What is that guy gonna do?


For every battle that is taking place, the room that represents the server will
have a subroom added to it.

Example: 4 guys are on the server and fighting.
There are two battles, which means two subrooms.

What if there were 5 guys instead?

4 guys would fight, and 1 would stay in a waiting room.
A message would pop up asking that 1 guy:
"Would you like to spectate while you await your turn?"
It would have two options: Yes and No

If he would choose "Yes", then a screen would pop up to him showing him
what's going on in all of the fights that he can watch, AKA subrooms to join as a spectator.

There would be a "Random" button to send the guy to a random subroom.

When the fight in the subroom the guy chose or get sent to finishes, that guy
will be the next to fight in the said subroom.

If he would choose "No", he would just stay in the waiting room
He could use the command "/specmenu" to open up that choosing screen,

If the guy did "/spec" to make himself a complete spectator and not a person who waits, then he would just spectate fights in a subroom of his choice (he would choose using that screen I was talking about) without
being made to join the fight he chooses to spectate after it would finish.

If the guy made himself go afk with "/afk", then he would just stay in the waiting room until he returns.

In all of these situations, /specmenu could be used to access that menu
to change subrooms if needed.

Congrats on making it this far!
It takes a lot of explaining to completely overhaul a system, y'know.

Let me know what you think of this in the replies section.
I think I covered every nook and cranny of this, but if there is something I left out, ask me about it in the replies section and I'll edit the original post and let you know that I did.

~ Rice

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