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Heyo. Since you've labelled this is an auction, I'm gonna treat it as such.

Auctions have certain rules that must be applied for it to be valid. The rules are below:

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Auction Rules

A) Auctions must have an end date or time with GMT (I.E. 25/Dec or 24 hours after last valid bid), minimum (starting) bid, and raise.
.....I) You may also set an optional autobuy for your auction.
.....II) The minimum raise for all auctions must be at least 10TC.

B) If you withdraw a winning bid at the end of the auction you must pay the auctioneer 20% of that bid.
.....I) Furthermore, once you place a bid in an auction, it cannot be edited or cancelled under any circumstances.

C) Auctions can not be withdrawn or edited once someone has made a valid bid, only before.
.....I) You also may not accept an offer early once there is one.

D) All bids within an auction must abide to the auction's set minimum bid and minimum raise.

E) Auction bids may only be made using toricredits.

I will close this thread down and you can reopen it when you change your post to follow these criteria. Alternatively you can just set it to sell and the thread would be allowed.

If you got any questions, PM me or DM on discord.

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