Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
The New TLL forums are starting!
It has come to Fear and I's attention that the forums here have really gone downhill
they are quite filled with shit posts and general ugh.

Expect changes

including an infraction system, trashbin, removal of most threads

and many more

a new ranking system will come in to play
so watch your spamy posts
Free Pv2Caribou
I was inactive from Friday to Sunday cuz of the rodeo i was talking about setting up. And some more inactivness this friday. Thats When we are going to Cali till about Wensday. Sorry guys
Havnt played in years...
And the fact that the only people running are the Republicans(notice no democrats are running at this point in time)

it is practically unheard of to run a second candidate of the same party as the incumbent.
it would practically give the election to the GOP
----- Orion forgot to log out