ES Recruitment Drive
nice replay fam.
the boomhit was great.
if you ever find out how to fix a broken replay pls pm me.
my best total dm replay ever looks just like your sword dance
evil Führer of Evil
this was pretty cool actually
uke was pretty twitchy in the beginning
wasn't really a fan of the whole elbow/forearm contact on uke's ass, the first contact of the replay
the sweep that uke did over tori's head after that was nice, that shit looked really clean
wasn't really a fan of the frontflip that tori did off of uke's shoulder, but i respect you for trying it out, it's always good to try some unconventional shit but i don't really feel like it worked this time
uke's movement after he takes that kick all the way until frame 715 is really nice, but uke completely loses flow after that right foot hits the ground @ 670
i thought the swingthrough flashkick and the backflip after that were pretty bad
the movement on the backflip wasn't terrible but the flashkick looked pretty wonky, especially in the air.
also i don't feel like the flip combo fit that moment in the spar very well, especially considering the distance between tori and uke
i like the way uke sweeps and hits tori's hands, pushing him over the flip
contacts in spars look nice if done right, and i felt like that was a really nice contact. spars that are just dodging are kind of boring and little details like that hand to foot contact really add to the replay

if the k.o was meant to be a clothesline then that's neat, but if it were meant to be a punch then it's done really badly

overall pretty nice but i feel like ur flow stops pretty often in ur spars, when you're moving it looks nice but you stop really suddenly and it kind of ruins those parts
Lucky Lucky
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"It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"
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