Dont think theyr necessary.
[art] or [gfx] should be fine for them.
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[art] tag is kinda counter productive don't you think? All threads here are assumabley 'art'
i could make it [BenDover] if i wanted to
its just a way to differenciate between things.
im not gna make a tag for every genre of art =/

and no, not all the stuff here is what id define as art.
but thats not a conversation for the art board.
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-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-
Because then everything will be messy and the only thing us Art mods would be doing is deleting Useless Posts.
There really isn't an argument here, if you made something in the "Art" board, then you use one of the provided tags.
Then you have the people like myself that only really want to look at certain kinds of art, so these little tags keep the Art Board clean and organized.
I bought a subscription to Wibbles so I think this quote is necessary,
"Be careful when gazing into the void, for it gazes back"
cus then there would be no need for tags
and then people wouldnt put any descriptions at all
then it would look shit.

and besides, i quite like them.
so theyr staying.
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-
Added a new rule:
Cap you're Images
Any images over the size of 800x800 pixels or when posting multiple images should have the spoiler tags wrapped around it.
Think of it as a way to be courteous to your fellow members so they don't have to scroll over a giant image.

I've noticed a lot of giant images and i myself am tired of having to scroll all the way over just to hit the next page button.
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Constructive criticism is appreciated and enforced. Here's how.
Comments without any criticism, for example "7/10" or saying "Nice" will be infracted.

This rule seems to have been forgotten.
Ill be infracting anything that even smells remotely useless.
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-