Added a new rule regarding vid information
will be cracking down on it for the next few days untill you guys get used to it.
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Vid information
Please include information such as the name of the song and artist used and the applications used to create the vid, when making a thread.

I <3 After Effects
#HolidayProd - Videos
Kinda the same reason that you need to post the original image on a C/P head

Good adding BenDover
[JollyR] [GATA]
also because every thread gets the questions:
"what song is that?"
"what did you make it with?"

it hardly inconveniences you to add them to the thread.
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expanded the Vid information rule to cover textures and art pieces aswell.
please include what programme was used to creat the piece.
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-
Added a new tag for music seeing as how a lot of producers are starting to rise.
Aka jusmi.
is there a reason we're not enforcing the
- Basic information relative to the thread should be included in the Original Post (OP). eg: Programs used, Song name etc.

rule anymore?
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Jusmi and I have not been as active as we would like, and the spammage of "what did you make this with?" questions seems to have slowed down mostly, it is one of the less necessary rules and takes the most effort to moderate, we still plan on enforcing it somewhat, but was not a focus for us with our activity.

but with you as a more dedicated/active mod now, we can reintroduce it and start enforcing it a little more. although again, not a focus and should only be lightly enforced.
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-
jusmi and i have talked and we both agreed we're going to be a little more lenient on the "ONLY POST CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM" rule and from now on it'll be more of a "you should probably post constructive criticism but it's not really that big of a deal" kind of thing

just keepin yall updated ;)
shmevin eats smegma