If you have a game plan shouldn't you stick to it? Isn't that the point of having a plan in the first place?
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A series of plans that changes whenever the outcome an individual expects and goes how they want it to be. If my game plan does not go how I want it to be, I make alternative choices that benefit and adapt to the new changes that are given.

Example, for hip throws. If my legs are in a good position to reap, I can choose to follow through with the leg reap or use the back leg to sweep my opponent's upper body and put him to the ground instead of adding in an extra additional leg lock to the throw which could cause damage to my opponent or my own tori.

IF my reap fails, I can try to maxcontact and maybe win from there. IF my reap is sucessful I can drive my opponent to the floor. Just something along those lines.

As to the hip throwing sweeping alternative (I'm using harai-goshi as an example)

IF my throw fails, as my hips can "turnout" since my tori isn't in the "right position", that means the only game plan I have is to try and re-plant my sweeping leg to the floor, add in a straight suplex and go for the safe alternative. If my throw is successful, my plan would be to keep digging in my hips and tweak my upper body to put my opponent to the floor.
we should spit ball game plan ideas that are usueful at low level and figuure out a way to set it out nicely. it would only have to be a few turns deep and focus mostly larger general ideas.

some simple plans off openers maybe. like this one that i used to beat the toribash school a while back. maybe if we get enough we can start a thread to store them.

if grab do lift
If not grab get grab


if op in air and feet are away from ground put on ground in the ring.
if op in air and feet are near ground move op feet away from ground
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right so i came across the concept of wedges being used to prevent movement. Ihave also found them used for space creations. im going to use the term broadly till i understand it more. So how can we use them in toribash? what other used do they have?

for space we have using a knee shield. maybe underhook off a kick to an armpit? im not sure what times you want to have space between you and the other guy and stiff arming won't work.

for blocking using a thigh to help prevent them turning back to replant. putting a shelf under a leg to keep from replanting? might be a different topic in that one.

Toribash uniquely we have using the fore army to pop off the head. or garbed hand to ungrabbed. if you get them really hard in the abs sometimes you can wedge your toe in under the lower torso box enough to get a grip. (i don't think this is constant enough to rely on)
I think dynamic gripping should be something focused on more. It's really been working well for me.
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how should we explore it?
we could do a hierarchy of grips.
a proper exploration of grip mechanics.
perhaps grip tricks. hand pins ungrabs and stuff. what else is there in grabs to look at. i'll see if i can find my file on grab stuffs after work. maybe there is something on it i haven't posted yet.
There's lite of good stuff in this thread we should export to knowledge base. I see most of it fitting under the principles of strategy.
Monkey n Roux your have editing perms so you can do as you see fit. Just make it flow.
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