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We should have daily/weekly/monthly/annual challenges for TC or have a leaderboard for the categories, I think it would give a huge incentive to continue to play.

Solax explains it pretty well
Originally Posted by Solax View Post
More achievable and incremental achievements and mroe achievable incremental customisation would go a long way.

I also think daily and weekly 'quests' or challenges could be cool - kind of like how Blizzard's Hearthstone does it.

Could be things like:
Play 15 games in Judo
Perform 3 decaps in TK
Dq 2 opponents with their heads outside the dojo in aikido

You get a new one daily stacking up to 3 challenges queued up for you to do so to get max benefit you can play only once every three days provided you clear them all.

These could provide a tc reward which a customisation price model rework could take into account so that everything works nicely.

It would solve a lot of problems in one fell swoop I think:
More incremental achievement
Incentive to play daily and diversify gameplay
Price structure making customisation achievable early and rarer/better/harder to get the higher you go

Someone feel free to make a thread for the daily/weekly quest/challenge thing here if they want.

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