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dq draw thing
the dq draw is really annoying, while it happens many times, and its especially annoying for people are waiting for their turn so, i think that when they dq in same time, it should choose who is winning with more score, and if same score and same dq in same time(really rare) then it should be a draw, but just when draw in dq, it chooses automatically winner with more points.
its not useless idea, and i don't think it will harm anyone.
Opinions please...
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Draws have been in the game for so long, it's not a bug or glitch. They're interesting and don't detract from the game at all.

annoying for people are waiting for their turn

draws usually get settled after the next game, nobody dq draws for 5 games in a row.
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It can be annoying for the those two playing and the people waiting. I have had many moments where I thought I was going to lose but then it became a draw and I was happy as can be that I got an extra chance to win, but the guy who should have won is probably annoyed he/she must fight again to try and win. I like the draw because it gives you another chance to get back into the tournament (If this is what your relating this thread to). I don't mind when people draw because I can just wait another 5-10 minutes. Draws are also very interesting and definitely game changers because both players must change their fighting style since their will know the type of move the opponent is going to do.

This isn't such a bad Idea as of the guy with more points wins but some mods have a weired damage sensor so you could just tap the guy with your pinky and get more points than them. This would make people go for hits more than trying to DQ the opponent (in my opinion) and I guess that would make for more interesting fights unless two people have a noob slap fight.

Overall, I like the drawing system. I think it's a good way of giving people a second chance to win and makes for more interesting battles.

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this idea went off, i think this should be closed...
and kradel was right, and really thank you for taking your time and thnx for opinions
krisis13 was defeated by 00Assassin00 on Jun 16, 2016.
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I highly doubt making it so points settled draws would have any change on the way people play. I mean would you really go for points for the 1/100+ chance that you are going to draw?
Look, it takes skill to win a match right? what if you're about to lose and have less points then do this super-ultra-mega-pro move and make it a draw? i think it should stay the same because drawing in my opinion drawing could also be considered a save. And in my opnion it is a save.

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