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Joint textures re-imagined
Lets just cut to the chase, there should be two textures for joint textures, you should already know, a relax texture and a force texture, with this you can get better sets, more creative sets, simply just cooler sets.

so what do you think, support, semi-support or no support?

(If this idea does fall through I would really like the full set)
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this isn't even an argument

Legit question, could it be possible to turn off downloading of certain textures/all textures in the options? Like if I hated joint textures so I just turned off downloading custom joint textures in the options so I can only see normal body textures?

No that is not an option, you can tell your game not to automatically download textures, but thats the limitations of it.

There are options to not "display" things like 3D items or Trails, but even if you turn them off the files for them will still be downloaded regardless.

Also you can say "thats not an argument", but in all actuality it is. Taking into account the trends of the community is important when developing a game. If the community likes a certain aspect of a game the the devs of the game will capitalize on that and make adjustments and additions to play off of that. You can say that me pointing out that artist don't like to make joints isn't an argument, but the devs wouldn't see it that way. If no one in the community is making joint textures then adaptions on the current joint texture system would be deemed worthless. If the community was showing that tons of artist were actually really into making joints then it would be viewed differently.

You have to remember that even games run according to supply and demand. If there is a demand for it then the game devs will eventually supply it, if there isn't a demand then why would they waste their time and resources to make it.

regardless of all that my previous point about file size still stands, Hampa and devs have publicly announced before that they don't wish to further extend the custom file size of each individual player any more as its already quite a hefty size.
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