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Bot rules
Currently the rules on bots ( say that bots cannot talk:
- Bots & Automation

Any nefarious use of unauthorized software will result in harsh reaction from the staff.
a) Any kind of bots playing the game automatically are not allowed. You may use scripts to quickly perform moves, however if you are found AFK-botting, you will be immediately banned.
b) Bots managing rooms without the presence of a human operator are not allowed. Bots may not be /house of any room.
c) Bots are not allowed to be in players list nor use chat.

My suggestion is to make bot allowed to talk, but only when a human triggered the action.

For example, my old BetManagerBot had some useful commands such as !nudgeline, which would tell the user where the nudgeline on a bet server is, or !nudges, which would say how many nudges a user has.

If the rule is because of spam, I think some caveats could be added, such as only allowing a bot to talk where it has OP, or where its owner has. Or maybe only allowing bots to use whisper.