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First off, what BoingBoing said was fucking retarded and isn't the truth at all (no offence BoingBoing, I still think you're cool). So don't go basing any more of your attitudes with that idea anymore.

Why is it reatard? there's no lie about it. It's true.
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It's not. I've done both a school and uni essay on the topic, so I'm fairly confident it's not. Click me. Probably the best source to learn the most about it.
Well, that's what is allowed for the public audience to know. What I say is a factor involved, not the complete faction of it. Where dis alcohol from the USA first came from? Yeah.
Also, I know you got nothing personal against me and you think I am cool, but calling someone retard is not cool xD
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Oh so it's a conspiracy then? Alright.

I didn't mean to offend man, sorry if it came across like that. All I meant was that your idea, not you, was retarded.
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You remind me of an unknowingly sophistic, bald, bearded guy that was in my phil class.

I suspect this is supposed to be an insult, but calling someone sophistic... I don't know what you are trying to say...
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Where's the evidence that I'm uneducated in weed-dom? Every fact I've stated in this thread is true and every argument I made is my own opinion. Please read my shit before you decide to roll in it.

I just quoted from 4 of your posts over a span of more than 100 posts in this thread. It's pretty rude to then say "derp you didn't even read my posts".

It's pretty obvious when you say things such as "420 YEAH BLAZE IT FGTS!"...

You also seem to think there are no negative or long term health effects from marijuana, which is very wrong.
Your opinions appear to be based on logical fallacies and probably incorrect assumptions, considering your conclusion. I linked you to a few good sources so you can educate yourself, so there's no need to say "DURR I CAN SMOKE POT IF I WANT TO".

Once again I implore you to educate yourself. Those who hold on to opinions based on lack of knowledge and fallacies are a huge cancer in today's society.
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I didn't mean to imply that cigs should be outlawed. What I intended to imply was that cigs are socially acceptable, and, since marijuana's so many times less harmful, marijuana should be viewed in the same or better light.

No, I am saying cigs should be outlawed. Such a major cause of death is easily preventable, just because people enjoy it doesn't mean it's a huge drain on society and a waste of human life.

Your second statement seems to be attempting to provoke me in to saying that long term degeneration from marijuana is regarded by many as being as cruel and harmful as cigarettes.
If you are talking in terms of pure deaths, then of course cigarettes are more harmful.
However because marijuana has been illegal for so long it's practically impossible to make predictions as to the primary or secondary damage that may be caused by widespread use.

In other words, you are trying to force me to compare something that has been illegal for a long time vs something that has been legal for a long time. It's impossible, so please don't try to make such convoluted, logically frail arguments.
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I never said it discredits them from having an opinion. What I did was make an observation.

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Did I say that? No.

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Did I say that? No.

I quoted you saying it, but here it is again;
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Also, everybody here who's against legalising it, I guarantee has never tried it. Because if you've tried it you'd know that it's just a horrible crime to outlaw something so serene and peaceful.

Perhaps your weed-addled brain can't manage to transfer your short term memory to your long term...
You said this a day ago and you can't even remember...
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Oh Zayex. You're such a sideline cheerer, lol. And again, you're completely wrong. Lack of testosterone =/= breasts. Get it into your head.

Actually, I didn't say they were the same thing, I had they had the same effect in this case (Even though bitch tits aren't technically breasts) I didn't know I had to speak like a robot, thought you had the intelligence to understand my point clear enough. But I guess not.

Just gonna leave that there.
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I hate to the be TRUE RETARD for asking this but... da fuck is bitch tits?

A form of gynocomastia.
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