Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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Fivah, you left me out in that Fantasy draft :s
I would really like all my pals in one clan

Kristis, Azure, Watersurf, Gaysex(Zayex), MegaCash, Pabblopic, Chirox, Zazo, Kristis, Fivah, PieGod, Kball, Toast(he is like dead these days), Praeter, Star, Kamura, Pidda, Facade, Vog(or w/e his name is these days), TheLostCarrot, Dinis, Avengd7x, BurnedBug, Dansan123, hushpupp1e, Slaughter, elvis, Tekro, Liquidoom and fuck this list goes on and lists about probably 1/50th of the community because shit.

Edit: Proud owner of 999,999,999 Fivah Points

did you just post everyone you know? :l
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I'd recruit 10 white belts, all shoveling in a giant aikido server.

lol. I'd do the same.
Ninjutsu Club.
Ninjutsu Club Leader.

Retired, at least for now.
Why I'm not on this list amazes me... I need to get in-game more often if I want to get up here D:
But in all reality... I think I might be insane...