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Toribash 5.4
Toribash 5.4 is now available on Steam!

All updates starting with Toribash 5.4 are exclusive to modern UI.

Updates in this release:

  • Toribash Quests!
    Now you can earn additional Toricredits and items by completing mini-tasks. There's no limit on how many quests you can complete per day, so have fun!

    Quests as seen in Notifications screen

  • New Tutorials!
    Tutorials got remade from scratch and are now more fun and helpful!

    Me receiving guidance from Sensei

  • Lots of new features
    In Toribash 5.4 we overhauled almost all old UI menus, including mods, shaders and settings.
    There's also new MoveMemory that's now built into the game, advanced tooltip and other little things like profanity filter for chat.

Get Toribash on Steam:
If you're still using Windows XP (do you also have a tinfoil hat?), switch to classicxp branch in Steam to get the game working.

Standalone installers:
- Windows (Vista or newer):
- macOS:

If you'd like to create content (such as new tutorials, atmospheres or anything else) or work on translations for Toribash 5.4+, let me know.

Have fun playing and Merry Christmas!
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finally quests
Now I really want to play
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where's the option to revert back to the old menu?
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Originally Posted by Woeb View Post
where's the option to revert back to the old menu?

is /opt newmenu 0 what you're looking for?
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wow,nise idea sir o_-
sir,pls add parkour quest
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I noticed very long server names / descriptions cause my game to freeze then crash after scrolling past it in the server list, aware of this?

The quests is easy and we can complete like 5 quests easily / day
wich means 750TC+daily rewards. We need harder quests or daily quests
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Haven't use the newest version yet, but have some question
1. Is there any single player quest for now? Something like finish a parkour/free run mod, perhaps you can make a new addition to modmaking where creator could label their mod is a parkour mod or not and put starting point variable and finish point variable so system can tell that you actually finish the mod.

2. Will be there a player submit quest? A quest that are made by the player with the prize are set by the user or by the staff (depends on the quest)
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Originally Posted by cdean View Post
is /opt newmenu 0 what you're looking for?

thank u based cdean
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