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something to help scammed ppl without proofs
hey, i saw a lot of games, they make the moderators, admins etc see the chat, all the chat, like Roblox game, when u report ingame(for insulting scamming etc..) they check the chat somehow and see what happened and kick who scammed or insulted, and another idea i didn't see it in any game, make an page or something for gms, moderators etc.. that shows the current running server and ppl in it, so u can see if someone is multiclienting, i know this is some hard to do, but the first idea is easier i think, but i really don't know how, i saw it a lot of games and its really doing good in
sometime i insulted someone and i got kicked xD lol
There are another scams i am trying to get idea for it like the dm glitch, what will anyone do if he didn't get screen shots?
i will try to get more ideas for the other scams.
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Mudbox is Shit :<