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Auto updater
Easy and simple - when new version of TB will be relased the game client would show message: "Would you like to udate?". Players would download new game version without copying their replays and mods.
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Or just a simple notification. I don't wanna check on news all the time just to see if an update is avaliable.
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It's been thought about before, and it's being worked on. Soon enough it will be implemented.
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+1 totally supported!

If you guys make an notification system like the facebook one, it would be awesome and useful to us!
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I do support this idea, but the word spreads fast of new versions and it is unlikely that you will not know about new versions. So this idea is not necessary, but will be a good edition to toribash.
i support, i was playing 4.00 like a month and i didn't know that there is 4.31 version D:
we need something to let us know, an auto update or auto notification.
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Definitely supporting this.

I believe this is essential for Toribash. A notification wouldn't be enough though, an auto-updater is a must. So, good to know it's being worked on. Will be a good addition to the game.
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I've just made example how window update could look:


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