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I tried to modify the dismember script, to show the name of the joint you have dismembered/fractured, and whether you have dismembered/fractured it.
It worked up until i added IF/THEN/ELSE and "ctype" things, before it always said the joint with dismembered or fractured by it depending on what you clicked.

(note: this is my first attempt at lua so be kind please :] )

-- dm.lua

function set_joint(player, joint)
	if (joint ~= -1) then
		cjointinfo = get_joint_info(player, joint)
		cjoint = joint
		cplayer = player

function keydown(key)
	if ((key == string.byte("q")) and ((cplayer ~= -1) and (cjoint ~= -1))) then
	ctype = "dismember"
	elseif ((key == string.byte("o")) and ((cplayer ~= -1) and (cjoint ~= -1))) then
	ctype = "fracture"

function keyup()
	ctype = ""

cplayer = -1
cjoint = -1

local function draw_centered_text_example()
      if ((ctype == "fracture")) then
	set_color(0, 0, 1, 1)
      draw_centered_text( "  " ..ctype, 100, 2)
	elseif ((ctype == "dismember"}} then
	set_color(1, 0, 0, 1)
      draw_centered_text( "  " ..ctype, 100, 2)
	elseif ((ctype == "")) then
	set_color(0, 0, 0, 1)
      draw_centered_text(, 100, 2)

add_hook("draw2d", "draw_centered_text_example", draw_centered_text_example)
add_hook("joint_select", "dm", set_joint)
add_hook("key_down", "dm", keydown)
add_hook("key_up", "dm", keydup)
Now it doesn't do anything. Help please :].
Originally Posted by Blam View Post
elseif ((ctype == "dismember"}} then

Supposed to be:

elseif ((ctype == "dismember")) then
Oh no! Own goal!?
ack, i can't believe i missed that, thanks. =]

But now ctype doesnt want to go back to "" when the key is released :[
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Originally Posted by Blam View Post
function keyup()
add_hook("key_up", "dm", keydup)

Perhaps this is the problem...
Oh no! Own goal!?
god damn typos.

Thanks again.
I got to check my scripts more carefully.
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Damn, i dont think i have the time to look this up, but where do you save teh .lua scripts to play them
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DRIVE NAME (usually C)\Program Files\Toribash 2.75 (or other version)\data\scripts\My script.lua
^for windows^

thats all i know about lua scriptin! =D
How do you draw lines?

Also, when you draw text, it takes the colour of any other text made (for example if you echo something it will go red). Any way to change this?
There's no simple way of drawing lines at the moment, so far as I know. You can write a line algorithm yourself with some periods or rectangles if you really need them.

You can set the text color explicitly prior to drawing it. Use set_color(<red>, <green>, <blue>, <alpha>). All values between 0 and 1.
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