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how do u make a profile picture in forums?

Go to User CP > Edit Avatar. From there you can upload an image from your computer or another online source.
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I think so. But I'll tell you:

- start relaxed
- contract knees
space x6
- extend knees


- hold all
- contract left pecs
- lower left shoulder
- contract left elbow
space x2
- contract left wrist
- grabby left hand
space x1
- extend left elbow
I've seen alot of people mking "custom relaxes"If it's possible,then how could you?
dangit!I thought i was making a new thread!Sorry!
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Can some one make a tutorial jsut post on this thread that shows hwo to make chest textures thething on side of texture is confusign me adnd is the side of it but I DONT GET hwo to use it plz use pics or a vid to help
I would like a tutorial on how to make the following:

Could somebody PLEASE make a tut on how to make these?
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