yeah i did the scoot in a rush, i have an edited version that im going to
continue so be excited for that. also just about no one is well known anymore.
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Good job on getting it after all. Although I wouldn't take my word on tricking very seriously, I have noticed that mistakes and lack of control seem to stick out during slower moments rather than the climatic parts of the replay, particularly the transitions. The tricks looked good as far as I can tell but there's transitions between tricks that look out of place due to readjustments to compensate for something else. The one between the second and third tricks is particularly jarring, it seems your body wasn't low enough to segue to the next trick properly so you contracted the left hip and did it on the spot, I think perhaps trying to start that movement earlier or even preparing it before landing could have made it smoother. Your left foot gets stuck on your right leg during the scoot too, although I see this so much that I'm not even sure if it's done intentionally xd

Hope to see the better version
oh yeah
thanks dude! scoots arent supposed to have the foot get stuck, it only occurs when you dont do them well enough. and yeah, transitioning out of a cheat forward kick trick is a pain in the ass, i wish i did the swipe knife after the cheat instead. anyways... *drumroll* here's the final product
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Definitely looks better, I like the last trick where you spread arms and legs in midair, I think its only a shame that the transition after the second trick still looks off.
oh yeah
(Sweet Leaf Replay) Pretty good moves overall however tweaks could be made.

660 I don't think you needed to get that low, if you are going for realism its better not to dip this low for a cheat setup.

580+ Would have been a nice time to atleast soft tuck, also your head should start coming in, your arms look incredibly stiff because of you keeping the elbows held and the pecs barely moving, laxing elbows would have looked better imo, also you could have rather than fully contracted the left pec, instead held it before it goes all the way in.

555 Your arms are still straight and look bland, your right ankle looks a little over-contracted but that's nitpicking, and your lumbar starts to un-straighten here too which makes you look whack. Your right knee could have been laxed a little from here to make the leg look less stiff too.

500 Your right pec is fully contracted already which makes you lose power and makes the arm swing look less dynamic since the pecs are going to stay still for a while. Also your head looks a bit stiff since you landed and it remained completely still and stays still for a while more.

470 Your neck contracted very fast and looked a little robotic

457 Left hand ghosted into your leg, not too noticeable but not perfect, if you had better form here you probably would have got more power and synced with your arms with your leg a lot better.

380 Nice. Your lumbar was bending right for a lot of the spin though, if it was straight then bent for the kick it would have looked a little better.

370 Jittery, You moved your chest back and forth too quickly, you could have also landed more flat footed to reduce the jitter or get rid of it altogether. Also your right hand looks really stiff now, I would have relaxed the wrist for a little then held it once it extended more.

320 Doesn't matter as much but your pec contracted too fast again, losing power and nicer movement. Your lumbar also looks disgustingly bent and stays that way for a while which makes you look a little stiff.

215 I like this scoot but your left hand extends randomly and looks like a twitch, other than that I don't think this is too bad

208 I would have kept the left foot extended until actually planting it but it's not that much of a problem.

200 I'm assuming this is because you extended the wrist, you took your hand off the ground a little early.

160 Your lumbar moved back and forth which I don't think was necessary

144 Your head moved robotically, relaxing at a certain point may have made this look smoother. Also your arms have looked a little stiff, laxing elbows to straighten or very slightly bend them may have reduced it but this is really nitpicking.

90 I'm assuming this is a crowd awakener, your arms did not need to extend all the way or so quickly, also the syncing could have been better, I edited this a bit and found that your glutes could have spread a little more, your elbows could have been laxed rather than straight up extended, your pecs also did not need to be extended that much.

Problems after 90 is the head being robotic looking again and the tuck being a little too fast/rough with the arms.

In conclusion there are parts of stiffness due to mismanagement of arms and some unnecessary adjustments. Other than that it was pretty good. Sorry if this is hard to read or too much info but I already spent an hour and a half writing so you better appreciate it or tears will be shed.
thank you, so fucking much, for the cnc. especially you tazare. thanks a lot for that, hard to come across such in depth cnc these days.

on another note, here's a short tricking replay i made in the past 30 minutes (give or take). would appreciate more cnc!
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