nice work with the update.
found a glitch with the neck and chest join textures when loading a set.


when you are setting for upload it goes okay.

strangely with the test the chest does okay and the neck does not
fixed both issues. joint textures now working correctly as intended.
pls fix for android or ios version..i made an head texture with my phone..i can't send it to my i tried to do it in my phone..but it doesn't work well

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Added a search page for existing toribash user textures. Planning on adding an upload to button.


small glitch with textures switched.
Nice feature, You can fix it and will be the best.
I think an option for stoppin the head from spinning would be very usefull.

Also 1 more pov on sets. Switch camera or something function
Pm me for deals
So after not using this amazing site, all my uploaded textures are gone.
I don't exist
At first, I registered and panicked because I thought it was a scam. Then I made some research and finally got to this thread. What a relief. By the way, there's no way I can edit back my user name. This serves as a suggestion right? Thank you.
Implemented an edit texture feature for those whose textures don't get uploaded correctly.
Click the edit button on your texture's page when logged in to be redirected to an edit page.