box and floop78 are now Full GM.

Wolf and Pal aren't uniteam members anymore.
~ [Tribe]Shade ~
The following members are no longer a part of the Uniteam:

Master5000, AgentP, Wolf, Handler, Crazyandr, pal, and Colossus
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Tinerr is a super moderator again.
Wow, you're fast
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like a stroll in the park
[23:23:53] <AndChat|700625> Blue eyes ultimate dragon best card
[23:24:29] <AndChat|700625> You know the one with 3 heads
[23:24:39] <~Lightningkid> just like my dick

[11:35:40] <box> Hampa suck
[11:36:21] <hampa> not the first to tell me that today