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We got it from here was a great way for tribe to go out imo
oh yeah
here's what my gave me for the year, though i don't think my phone scrobbles perfectly so it might be somewhat incorrect

Other 2017 albums I really liked:

Richard Dawson - Peasant (highly recommended)
Hannah Diamond - Soon I won't see you at all (EP)
Denzel Curry - 13 (EP)
Danny L Harle - 1UL (EP)
Charli XCX - Pop 2 (released last week, probably would be on here otherwise)

[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
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larfen wtf the only albums I've even listened to on that chart are XXX and souvlaki

melqart my so-called life was my first vsnares album and it is some good shit

thiggist dopethrone is a god tier album, sleep are great too, whenever I see album art from dragged into sunlight I think of nick blinko from rudimentary peni. I think I've listened to that acid bath album once or twice in the past too idk

orko take me to your leader is still my favorite doom album along with the mouse and the mask its g o o d
I still haven't gotten around to listening to rtj3 rip
oh yeah
damn y'all listen to some good ass music

i wouldve done a collage but i think almost all of the albums have been posted already
<ego>holy fuck a bat is in my room
- ego quit (Ping timeout)
werp i guess i was able to fill a 5x5 chart in spite of all my expectations


Tried to limit myself to one per artist, though i admittedly cheated slightly by including both Thomas Bergersen and Two Steps From Hell. :v (also a wild Tchaikovsky appeared)
<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
various places to find me lol
2017 is over goodnight

thanks for sharing everyone we'll see u again in december
i just realized i can't close my own thread haHAA somebody do it for me
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That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???