These are some very good suggestions

Defitnitely looking to make some kind of armblade variant and an elven-ish double bladed weapon. The Master Sword definitely deserves a spot on the list, but I've never been a big fan of the Zelda franchise so it will have to wait.

Thank you!
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Auron's katana
Okay Jisse, Auron's katana is pretty badass, I know you're a badass but are you badass enough?

we'll see....
Also seriously, you need to make this! It's so cool!
(I hope to see some lightweight doublesided weapons too!)
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mod requests:
jisse, im trying to make a mod for a friend, and i just need one thing tht i never really got, how do u keep jointed objects to stay together without freaking out because they were swung too hard
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i have the answers:
1 add joint objects to hold all the pieces together
2 add extra joint objects to stabilize the pieces wigging out...
also you amy need to increase the strength on the joint objects
art horder. i like art.
mod requests:
Very good question, here's a quick tutorial to static joints

Joints in Toribash aren't as stable as one might want, especially when you start to merge several objects together or tilt the objects with the rotate tool.

All overlapping objects need to be connected to eachother to not push eachother apart like this:

In the first example we have 3 objects going through eachother.
Object 1 and Object 2 are connected
Object 2 and Object 3 are connected
Object 1 and Object 3 are connected

One could think having the first two joints would be enough, as it links all the objects together.
However, since the objects are overlapping we also need the 3rd joint connecting Object 1 and Object 3, or else these two would push against eachother and deform our sculpture(example .tbm below).

Example 2:

As seen here adding just one more object will increase the joints required by 3, as the new object needs to be connected to every other object, or else they would push eachother away.

When we start rotating objects things get a little more complex.

If we want to rotate an object on the Y axis (left/right), like I have done in lw_sabertooth for example, we need the axis setting for the joints connecting the rotated object to the rest to look like this:

This also applies to rotation on other axis.

If you do not set these settings correctly the joints will make the objects try to snap back to the default rotation

As for objects seperating when swung quickly, there is no solution for this that we know about. Sadly this "feature" is embedded deeply in Toribash's sourcecode and until a dev decides to fix it there is nothing we can do about it

I hope that answers all of your questions regarding static joints, let me know if not.

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Soul Calibur

Zasalamel's Scythe

Brooo, if u make a great version of Soul Calibur and Zasalamel's Scythe i'll love u forever, maan, do that.

if u think Soul Calibur is a impossible one, do the Soul Calibur from Soul Calibur V, which is pretty dope too.
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Amazing.. ive been waiting for items like these.

Thnx Jisse!

Great video Mat
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come 2 look

This is a idea. ik that bows are hard to make, but there could be one that spawns arrows instead of having a set of arrows. Dun know if it could be implemented into toribash. Its just an idea dun know why the pic takes 90% of the text
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Made three new additions to the pack. Thank you very much for you suggestions everyone, many of them are very hard to port into Toribash because of their high level of detail but keep them coming and I will do my best to get them ingame for you





Master Sword


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