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Activity check and Legendary clans news
Good morning to all of you,

Today's news have been in discussion for quite a while among the clan staff team, and today they can finally be announced to the public.

What exactly is the news?

We have 2 major news points.

Thank you all for reading, if you have any questions or objections feel free to point them out in this thread, cheers.
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Can the clan activity check system not be a rolling one? As in all the points set to default 0 after an activity check.

Also i think clan logo needs a bit of working on, because it looks lackluster, with eh colors and a very out of place position.
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Despite not running the check this month, we've added bonus perk points to all clans that would've been in green if the check happened.
All clans that got 50 - 90 activity points got 5K perk points and clans with over 90 points (Obey, Liquor and Adventure) got 10K points.


Just to make sure, there is no activity check for last month but if there is... all the clan listed in the dropdown are counted in green right? Or did i misunderstood something
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Duck is away so this time I'll announce the updates.

Meh, fire that bum, he's useless.
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  • Clans with 5 active players or less will get activePlayersCount * 5 points for activity, no matter the total members count.
    This means that any clan with at least 5 active players is guaranteed to receive 25 points for activity.
While 25 points alone don't guarantee your clan to pass the check successfully, that number was chosen so that the only remaining criteria you need to meet is forum activity (50 posts per month).

Good stuff. This change addresses my concerns and makes things easier on the big ol' clans. Mucho appreciato.

So everyone else is clear on this;
5 ingame players (5 games each) + 50 forums posts = Active clan

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