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[R] Clan Banner
Looking for something similar to Urban's banner, with Tori's and everything. So a c4d banner, with everybody in inq in it. Preferably a background our tori's go with and interact with and stuff. Looking for something clean and creative.
Payment will be an eye patch and 16k.
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Eyepatch + shaman relax + 10k-20k?
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My 30K and HolyButler's 20K should suffice. Aracoon can add in the items if he wants.
I'll chuck something in if that's not enough.
Wait, what
i can do it, it would be an animated banner, interested?
i will start to work on it.
(but no tori's). if yea, just tell me
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If I was able to have one wish, it would be to live closer to my one true love Fred, his beard tastes so nice.
He is also a far superior tk player.
We would much rather prefer a banner with our Tori's.
If you do one without our toris, I can't promise that we will want it.